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About Us

About Us

We are three friends who created this center with an intention for women, men and children to discover the power of yoga, energy healing and aromatherapy.  We want it to be the authentic and cozy space with a fun community that feels like family!

Come practice yoga with a community that cares about you and your wellbeing.


Our Team


I have been in love with yoga since my life in India, for the last 11 years. Now I live in Switzerland, I am charged with the energy of the Alps, I am inspired by the nature, culture and the beauty of this country.

After trying different styles of yoga, I came to the conclusion that you do not have to choose when you can mix and match the exercises to the needs of everyone.


Thus was born, my unique style, in which you will find more dynamic exercises, complexes on the back, relaxation, stretching, as well as traditional asanas for balance and breathing practices.

In 2010, I was introduced to Yoga and immediately fell in love. New sensations
arose in my body, feelings of emotional release, happiness and gratitude. Soon I realized that Yoga will stay with me for the rest of my life and surely it became a life style. Feeling all these benefits, I wanted to pass on the knowledge.


In 2014, I started my studies and took the course of Perinatal (female health) yoga, Partner and community yoga, and Tantric Himalayan Kundalini yoga. Now I combined all the styles into a single teaching that combines deep relaxation, energetic kundalini kriyas, breathing techniques and partner practices helping to know oneself better through interaction with others. 

My practices are aimed at making you healthy, beautiful and happy as well as getting to know youtself better, unleashing intuition and an innate potential that’s lies within all of us.

Yoga came into my life about a year ago followed by beautiful friendship with Daria and Liza. 

I began practicing Hatha Yoga with Daria and discovered Kundalini with Liza. And fell in love instantly. 

I felt a need in creating a space where every woman can feel the empowering energy of yoga. First it began with HerRise Ladies Club, now it grew into a HerRise Center with my beautiful friends Daria and Liza. 

I am not an instructor yet. 

But, I am here to assist with all the logistics and admin work. 


Contact Us

HёrRise Center

Tel: +41 78 216 8848


Thanks for your interest!

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