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Special Measures

OUR STUDIO: Our space has 3 times the amount of HEPA Air Filtration needed for its square footage.

CLASS SIZES: We continue to offer in-person classes at full capacity.

FEELING SICK: Please be mindful of any symptoms, if you are feeling sick or ill, Please stay home.

CANCELLATIONS: You must cancel your In-Person class reservation at least 5 hours or more prior to class start time in order to un-reserve your spot and have it returned to your account. You must cancel your workshop reservation 48hrs before the workshop is set to begin to get the workshop credit returned to your account.

REFUNDS POLICIES: No Refunds, No Exceptions.

Please read all of the below to familiarize yourself with the new rules, guidelines & policies.

Our Guidelines

MUST RESERVE your spot from our website online schedule or the MindBody Mobile App or website, or you may make an appointment to arrange for a in-person set-up. If you need to cancel, you must do so at least 5 hours before that class begins. Please refer to our cancellation and no-show policies for further information (below). Please also have the email “reminders & notifications” turned on to receive correspondence on the class or workshop you are attending. This will also assure you get notification should we need to cancel the class or woprkshop.

ARRIVE at least 10-15 minutes before class begins, to get checked-in & settled-in.

MATS You can bring your own mat but should you need to borrow one, Mat are available for your use. Our mats are cleaned corner to corner, front and back after each use.

PROPS We have all the props you need but if you feel more comfortable bringing your own you may do so.

TOWELS can be rented for $1.00 each.

SHOES No Shoes on the studio floors. Remove your shoes on the studio rugs. You may wear non-slippery socks or bare feet on the studio floor and bathroom floor. Place your shoes in the cubbies along the rugged pathway.

WHAT TO WEAR We suggest comfortable clothing that will allow your body to stretch and move easily.

PRECAUTIONS If you are ill even “just the sniffles” please stay home. If you have any major health problems or injuries, please make sure you have your doctor’s clearance to start a fitness practice, please also let the teacher know.

*Please refrain from wearing perfume/cologne and from chewing gum during class. There is No Eating in the studio.

Children between 9 and 17 years of age, when accompanied by an adult, may take a daily Yoga class. Reservations must be made. Parent or legal guardian must sign liability form.

No latecomers please. We can not make any exceptions.


Be mindful of other students who want to take a class but a spot is being held by a student who has not-shown or late-canceled.

(Single Class, Class Packages and Unlimited Memberships)
In-Person Classes: You must cancel your class 5 hours or more prior to class start time in order to un-reserve your spot and have it returned to your account.


In-Person Classes: If you late-cancel less than 5 hours prior to class start time, you will be charged or forfeit the class. Late charge applies to your credit card on file or added as a negative balance on your account. Your class will not be returned to your account. If you are a no-show (you did not cancel) you forfeit your class. No exceptions.

In-Person Workshops: You must cancel 48hrs before to get the workshop returned to your account. We also ask that you try to book at least 48 hours before. If a workshop is under attended, we would like to give everyone enough time to make other plans.

Online Classes: Please cancel 2 hours before. If we do not meet the 4 person class minimum 2 hours before the class is scheduled to begin, the class is subject to cancelation.

*All late-cancel fees will automatically be charged to your credit card on file, or added as a negative balance on your account, or the class can be forfeited completely from class passes. Monthly passes may be suspended or incur a charge.


For Single Drop-In Classes and Class Packages:

If you do not show up to class and do not cancel, your class will be deducted from your account.

For Unlimited Memberships:

If you do not show up to class and do not cancel, you may be charged.

It would be unfair to a fellow student who may have wanted to take a class and the spot was held; And it’s good karma.

All no-show fees will automatically be charged to your credit card on file or added to your account.

Kids Yoga

Please arrive at least 15 mins early to sign your child’s permission form, get checked-in and settle your little one in. There are cubbies along the entrance way to leave what your child will need with them. Masks are a Must.

If the child is a new student and is being dropped off by someone other than their parent or guardian, Parent must contact us to fill-out paperwork beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are classes?
Classes range from one hour to one hour and thirty minutes. Please refer to our class schedule for details regarding the length of classes.


Can I bring my child to a class?

Children between 9 and 17 years of age, when accompanied by an adult, may take a daily Yoga class.


What should I wear?
We suggest comfortable clothing that will allow the body to stretch easily, such as a leotard, sweatpants and a shirt, or shorts and a T-shirt.


I’m not flexible. I haven’t exercised in years. Will I be okay? Are the classes hard?

It is not necessary to be flexible to practice Yoga. If you have not been physically active we suggest you start with a Yoga 101 class or register to our beginner workshops (coming soon).

Can I use my cell phone when I am at HërRise Center?
Please turn off all beepers and cell phones. This will enable other students to have a more peaceful experience.


Do I need to make a reservation for class?
Yes. Reserve your space via Phone Call or directly on our website.


Can I waitlist for a class if a spot is not available in the event another student cancels?
Yes, various classes have a set number of students who can wait for a spot opening in the event another student cancels. If you opt-in to be placed on the wait-list, and a fellow student cancels, you will be notified via email or text message that you were moved from the waitlist and now have reserved the class.  Wait-list students are first-come-first-serve. If you plan NOT to attend after waitlisting, please remove yourself from the waitlist or reservation as a courtesy to other students wanting a spot.

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